Little Hands

Today we babysat our two year old granddaughter and I was having a little trouble breathing. I went to lay down and after a bit my granddaughter came in and took my hand and said “It’s okay Papa.” Soon she crawled up on the bed behind me and started patting me on the back while gently saying “Sleep Papa, sleep.” I felt a sense of peace and love I don’t get too often and fell asleep. I woke up rested and feeling better just before my son, DIL and grandson arrived for dinner and to pick up my granddaughter.

My grandson, who is one week old today, was fussy and my son told my DIL to give him to “Dad, the baby whisperer.” As I held him and told him about the adventures we will have together when he gets a little bit older, he calmed down. After a while he laid his hands on mine and I felt that peace and love again for the second time today. I asked my DIL to grab my camera and record the moment.

Isn’t it totally amazing how such small hands have such a great healing power!


Sometimes you have to make a decision about whether or not you like something.

Or, if there is beauty in something.

Sometimes your decision has to be thought out more as to what it all means.

And then sometimes there are decisions about photographs that a photograph cannot portray.  Today, I have one of those decisions.  I have been invited to exhibit some of my photographs at the university.  My issue is the cost of printing large format copies of 12-15 photographs. Sitting here looking at them, is not helping me either. 😦